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Tecniagro is an authority in hardwood reforestation in Spain, where it has executed more than 3,000 acres of reforestation, especially of Quercus type (Holm oak, cork tree, oak and muricated oak).

As a result of this experience, we have developed our own restocking systems that have been used as models by government agencies with jurisdiction in the matter:

  • The restocking oak system of Tecniagro has been included in the reforestation orders of the Board of Extremadura.
  • The Regional Government of Castilla – La Mancha entrusted Tecniagro with developing its forest manuals, published in the “Forestry Series of the JCCLM“):

    If you want to learn more about our experience in this field, you need to present a reforestation project or want to know more about reforestation systems for your state, contact us

        Silvicultural treatments

        Tecniagro has implemented silvicultural treatments, relying on our own staff and machinery (12 to 30 forest workers and foremen, depending on the time of the year) on over 10,000 hectares of land.

        Within these services, all types of treatments are included, such as: 

        • Pruning and guidance
        • Thinning
        • Cutting, clearing and cleaning
        • Cutting
        • Maintenance of reforestation

        Contact us if you need to plan and execute this type of work in your own state.

        Forestry infrastructure

        Tecniagro plans and executes any rural and forestry infrastructure.
        All these activities are conducted by a qualified technician acting as site manager. In order to carry them out, we have our own equipment and work crews.

        • Maintenance and construction of forest roads.
        • Maintenance and construction or firewall.
        • Construction of water points.
        • Design and construction of game species fencing.
        • Design and construction of livestock facilities.
        • Fencing.

        Contact us if you need to perform forestry infrastructure works.